Aossie Scholar Extension — Google Summer of Code 2020

Work Summary (Weekly)

Phase 1

Week 1: Developed popup and content scripts for the URL- specific behavior of the extension. Built a skeletal front-end template for showing this behavior. As proposed in the proposal, the extension now shows the Register and Search panels when on Google Scholar website, and the Search panel only when on any other website. The directory structure has been initially refactored into separate extension and backend folders.

Phase 2

Week 5: Developed a background script for opening a new tab for viewing the profile page after data scraping. Developed methods for calculating the different metrics from raw data, in the background script. Discovered that using a headless scraper for scraping co-author data is too costly.

Phase 3

Week 9: Added some initial documentation for setting up the project locally. Since the directory structure was restructured entirely in the previous phase, changed local Gulpfile file paths. Changed the Scholar logo to a new, better, and cleaner logo after reviewing from the mentors. Since the publication data and metrics keep on changing in the Google Scholar page, I needed a way to update the values of an already registered scholar. So, I refactored the code to handle such cases. Now, the code first checks if the scholar is already registered. If not, it registers the scholar. If the scholar is already registered, it updated the values.

Future Scope

The AOSSIE Scholar extension has been developed from scratch. Although it has all the functionalities intended, there’s some scope for future development-

  1. The front-end can be re-developed using a JS framework, such as ReactJS, AngularJS or VueJS
  2. Add some enhancements such as browser notifications
  3. Enable cross-browser support for the current Chrome-based extension



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