My mentoring experience- Kharagpur Winter of Code (KWOC)

About KWOC

My projects

  1. fetch: A community-owned REST API service for testers and developers. Fetch provides REST API endpoints for different types of placeholders, which can be easily used during testing and development without the need for creating sample data manually.
  2. startup-incubator: A website to help startups and startup enthusiasts showcase their projects and ideas pre-release.
  3. ds-algo-solutions: A collection of solutions for HackerRank data structures and algorithm problems in Python, JAVA, and CPP. This community-owned project aims to bring together the solutions for the DS & Algo problems across various platforms, along with the resources for learning them. Problems from Leetcode will be included soon in the project.
  4. notation-converter: Notation-converter is an application that converts infix, prefix, and postfix notations from one notation to another, and also visualizes the process of conversion. This helps students easily grasp the fundamentals, such as the way of calculation, as well as the data structures used behind the scenes
  5. The-Browser-Toolbox: A collection of personalized browser extensions to make browsing hassle-free

Contribution stats

A note for beginners to the Open Source

  1. Learn Git
  2. Write meaningful commit messages
  3. Be sure to double-check before you commit your code
  4. Do not hesitate to ask your doubts to your mentor/ fellow developers
  5. Documentation and testing are as crucial as source code



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